5 Foods That Reduce Belly Fat and Inflammation

Berries: Blueberries, Strawberries, and Raspberries contain anthocyanins that helps rid your body of toxins and excess fluids. Detoxing helps your body reduce inflammatory response that keeps you packing on the excess weight that acts as a storage dump for toxins. Unload the toxins, unload the fat.

Avocados: Besides being rich in potassium which is a natural diuretic that helps reduce excess fluid retention, omega 9 fatty acids have been shown to help your muscles burn fat! So not only do you have the anti-inflammatory benefit but add the fat burn and avocados are one of the best foods you can choose for permanent weight loss

Dark Chocolate: With nearly 8 times the number of antioxidants as strawberries, Dark chocolate contains a phytonutrient called theobromine that causes fat burning and a nice amount of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that also helps burn belly fat. For best results choose a dark chocolate that is at least 78% cacao or higher.

Ginger: Ginger contains unique phytonutrients called zingibain and zingerone that emulsify fat that causes your cells to get clogged with waste build up. Eating just a few slices every day can eliminate up to 5lbs of inflammation or “false fat” in less than 3 weeks.

Coconut Oil:  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently reported that medium-chain fatty acids were three times more effective at raising metabolism than long-chain fatty acids and also helps you burn stored fat. You can use coconut oil for cooking instead of regular olive oil since it is much more able to withstand high heat and maintain its original structure than olive oil.

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