5 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

Who doesn’t want to find better ways to boost metabolism so weight loss becomes easier, naturally? Increasing your metabolism means your body burns calories faster. Sounds good to me.

If you want to lose weight naturally and fast here are 5 tips to boost your metabolism to become a fat burning machine:

  • Get up and active early. When you get up in the morning, (after you’ve had a tall glass of waterJ), move! Exercising first thing in the morning gets your metabolism cranking and the effects of that stay with you for hours, giving you the benefits well after that 30 minutes of sweating is over.
  • Get spicy. That’s right. Add spicy herbs and seasonings to your food.  Recent studies by Canadian researchers suggest that a key chemical, called capsaicin, contained in chili could boost your body’s ability to burn fat while curbing your appetite! It seems capsaicin stimulates a natural process that immediately converts food to heat (thermogenesis).
  • Get icy. Add ice to your water or other drink. Adding ice to a drink makes your body use more energy because it has to heat it up, which increases your metabolism.
  • Get C.  According to recent studies, adding 500 mg of vitamin C to your daily diet, may help you burn up to 38% more fat when you exercise. Too much C, though, can cause digestive problems so keep it under 2000 mg.
  • Get cinnamon-y. Cinnamon, like chili spice, can boost your metabolism. The effect is called thermogenesis and while researchers agree it’s not as effective as exercise or other dietary changes, every little bit helps. And cinnamon has other health benefits that we’ll explore later that can help you lose weight naturally.

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