Is Your Water Making You Fat?

One of the tricks I use to help me maintain my weight is to drink a tall glass of water 15-30 minutes before each meal. This has the effect of making me feel full while also satisfying my bodies need for hydration throughout the day so I get two benefits for the price of one.

But while this is a great technique to curb your appetite, if you want to lose weight naturally and fast, drinking water before meals won’t really have much of slimming effect unless you pay attention to the quality of the water you drink.

You see, more than 60% of US households have fluoridated water. Why is this a problem? Well fluoride blocks iodine receptors in your thyroid gland that are responsible for producing the metabolism generating hormone, thyroxine. So when your thyroxine levels are low, your metabolism slows down.

Not only that, fluoride is a component in an imposter hormone that triggers weight gain and is almost impossible to detect in blood tests because it measures in the blood as thyroxine.

The best way to eliminate fluoride from your water supply is to simply install a reverse osmosis purification system or to buy bottled purified or spring water.

For a local spring in your neighborhood, go to and for information about your tap water (which I never recommend drinking without filtration) go to

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