Step 5: 5 Simple Steps to Lose Weight Naturally and FAST!

Step 5.

Well, here we are week 5 and now it’s time to reveal: The Fat-Burning Formula:

1 healthy protein + 1 healthy fat + 1 low glycemic (slow burning) carb = Fat Burning Meal.

So until now we’ve added and replaced some specific food items, but what does a Fat Burning Meal look like when we put it all together.

If you were to eat the Fat Burning Meal, you would begin to see weight loss in a matter of days, not weeks, days.

There is a technical formula for determining your personalized ratios for “Fat Burning Meal” and I am happy to offer you a FREE 30 MIN consultation to discuss how you can determine what that ratio is (see below) but  in the meantime, use this as a guide for our 3 day sample meal plan:

1 serving of protein = 6 oz of fish or 4oz of lean meat (vegans, 4oz of tofu or seitan) (EASY method: size of your palm)

1 serving of carb = 4 cups of any vegetables (EASY method: size of 2 fists)

1 serving of fat = 1 TBSP of almond butter or olive oil. (EASY method: size of your thumb)

Try this sample menu for the next 3 days and watch the pounds melt off.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Beverage Snack
Egg white (3)omelette with veggies Salmon burger Tuna/Salmon/Cod (6oz) filet Lemon Water Trail mix of nuts and seeds you like (just a hand full should do it); try to avoid dried fruit (high glycemic)
Vegan alt—tofu scramble with veggies (your choice) Vegan alt—Boca Burger Vegan alt—sauteed seitan with black pepper sauce Nativa snacks: Hemp/BlueberryCacao/Goji BerryCamu Berry—this has protein/carb/fat balance
½ slice of rye/sourdough toast with 1 Tbsp almond butter Sprouted grain buns (Ezekial brand) Baby spinach—lightly steamed and/or sautéed with garlic Lime Pomegranate Flavored Seltzer Up to 2 pieces of fruit; the lower on the glycemic index the better and always eat with a healthy protein like a little peanut butter or better still almond butter
Cup of Teecino barley coffee substitute Lettuce, tomato, red onion condiments; a dab of vegenaise (non-dairy mayo) Green leaf or red leaf salad with as many veggies as you want with olive oil/lemon dressing Green tea/Herbal teas/Teeccino barley coffee substitute

*I intentionally left out legumes, not because they are unhealthy, but they are such dense sources of carbs that you simply get more nutritional value from vegetables. Legumes have the benefit of fiber but portions need to be kept small to prevent overdoing your carb intake.

This is just a sample. Some of you may prefer other options so, for a customized list of recommendations, recipes and more, feel free to sign up for YOUR FREE 30 minute health consultation to get a “personalized roadmap to health” created just for you and your specific needs. And when you do you’ll get a FREE bonusvideo training on How to Lose Those Last 5-10lbs Naturally Right Now.

Why does the macronutrient ratio combination work so well? When you eat a Fat Burning Meal, the ratio creates an ideal hormonal balance for maximum metabolic efficiency. (For the science behind it, please read my upcoming post entitled: How to Burn Fat with Healthy Balanced Meals.

But it just makes sense, right? Your body functions optimally on a balanced diet. Duh. We need protein, carbs and fats so try to eat them at each meal and stay away from “fake”, processed carbs and white refined sugar that throw your blood sugar levels out of whack and cause you to pack on pounds. It’s simple but not easy.

Remember, balance is the key. And try not compromise on quality. Some people believe it’s just too expensive to eat healthy; well, it’s just too expensive not to. Think of all the money you’ll save when your doctor’s visits are limited to annual check-ups. And think of how fabulous your body going to look and feel when you give it what it really wants—nutritious and healthy REAL FOOD.

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